Friday, June 13, 2014


My grilfriend-in-law was wearing a purchased dress like this the other day, so I decided to whip her up a second dress for the hot summer days ahead. Have you seen this pre-shirred fabric in the stores? It's pretty cool fabric. Stretchy at the top and this one is a border print with a serged hem all finished! Nice. I had a coupon, so it was reasonably priced. Regularly about $22.00 a yard, but I paid about half and since GFIL is pretty tiny I needed less than a yard.
 I just serged up the seam, leaving the bottom open for about 12", allowing for a slit to make walking a little bit easier. Then after she tried on, I cut off the bottom and made the tiny hem. Ta-Da! All done in just a few minutes! I whipped one up for GFIL's oldest girl too! Hmmmm, no picture? I was not thinking there was I!
 Add the TMNT sundress is all done now too. Look how cute it came out!
  I am always inspired by my Mom, she makes her own cording for projects so I  made my own piping. Take a look at this! Not bad! Cute buttons on the shoulders. The pattern called for the buttons to be just for looks, but I made them actually function. I do like a good button hole!
 And I matched the pocket on the front, almost invisible! YES!
If I can get the kiddo to stand still for a minute I'll post a picture of her wearing it!

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