Tuesday, June 10, 2014


 There was a pretty large Antique sale at the Johnson county fairgrounds on SUnday. We dropped by to have a lookie loo.
 3 buildings and a lot of stuff! I was pretty shocked to see so much glassware and small stuff hauled in for just the one day of this sale. I am sure I would have broken every bit of this stuff moing it!

 So I saw this pretty pink plate, and thought it was cool, the edges look glittery So because I wanted this plate I ended up with.....

all this pink stuff. We stopped at a booth that had signs that said "make a pile and we'll make it worth your while".

 Then because I wanted this platter, you know Hubs never has enough platters he says.
So I ended up with ....
 All of these platters. OK so that's enough, let's go home!

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