Monday, June 9, 2014

Arts Festival!

 SO our annual pilgrimage to Arts Fest in Downtown Iowa City was such fun! If you hadn't noticed them around town, there's a new Herky on parade happening.  Here's the link to see all of the Herky's Herky on Parade 2014. There are a lot of Herkys downtown, that's all I'm saying.
 Anyways, the art was great as always. Lots to see and there's always something new too!
 We lucked out and went early on Sunday and really beat the crowds!
 Loved these shelves made out of pianos
 Potery and clay sculptures are always amazing.
 Oh another Herky.....
 The food section had several new things to try. John and I tried the Twister potato. It's a twisted potato ad you can get chicken or a hot dog with it-we went with the hot dog, and it was really good.
 I could feel my arteries clogging as I ate it, that deep fried goodness yum!
And my favorite thing this year...
Doggy-dration station! There are quite a few dogs visiting the arts fest and what a great idea for them!

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