Saturday, July 19, 2014

Tires For Wellie from Discount Tires

So our old pick up Wellie,  needs tires. Deep sigh! Have you looked for tires lately? YIKES! SO I called around to the local guys and clicked around to the internet guys and then I checked the newest guys in Coralville, Iowa- Discount Tire. 
I checked their on line tire selection and for the size our pick up needed, I found prices better than anywhere else I had looked. I called to confirm that they had what it said on the internet, and that I could get an appointment, and WOW! I got all 4 tires, and the spare changed out for less than $350
 Not only that, but the folks who work at Discount Tire were really great. They were polite, not greasy, showed me a couple of options and didn't make me feel like I was bad because I wanted to pay the lowest price. And they didn't come tell me that they had to charge me more, because "you need to replace this" or" that thing is bad" or some such crap like a lot of other tire places I've been to.  The price I saw on the internet was the price I paid at Discount Tire-how awesome is that!? And on top of all of that, they have a nice clean store with a comfortable waiting are-but we didn't have to wait long, less than half an hour later we were outta there!

And I can drive into Discount Tire anytime and they'll check my air pressure-for free and I get free lifetime tire rotation too! Looks good right? These tires have an 85000 mile warranty, with almost 200000 miles on her, I don't know if  Wellie will last that much longer, but she's got the tires to do it!

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