Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pinterest Attempt Plus Pantene

So you've seen these ideas for shower cleaners on Pinterest right?
Found on
  Found on
I decided to try it out. I got a spray bottle and added white vinager, and then just a little bit of Dawn dish soap. 
I emptied all the stuff out of the shower...jeez, It sure seems like a lot of bottles in there...anyways, then I sprayed the entire shower about 2 hours before I went to take a shower myself. A little vinegar stinky, but I shut the door and it was ok.
 So take a look! It really did work well! I just used an old rag to scrub with and it came out pretty darn good. I haven't seen a Pinterest post about how to manage seeing in the shower without ones glasses on..... So I did miss a few small areas, but all in all I am pretty happy with this. Next time I'll do a little bit more Dawn because the areas I missed were pretty grimy.
Hey while I'm hanging out in the shower, have you seen this New-ish Pantene? I am in love with Pantene again! You know I hated Pantene for a time, when they changed the formula-you'd think they would have learned from Coca-Cola trying to make the public take to "new" Coke...anyways, this is really nice shampoo! You know I work for P&G, and we make Pantene at the manufacturing plant where I work in Iowa CIty, but I don't always like what we make, but I do like this Pantene Smooth & Sleek with argan oil. I actually bought this bottle of shampoo at the store!  Must be the argan oil that makes it so smooth and bubbly, and nice on my hair. Here comes the hashtag to comply with my employer's Social Media policy... #pgemp

 OK so now you know! The Pinterest shower cleaner works and Pantene Smooth and Sleek with Argan Oil is really nice shampoo. 

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