Sunday, August 10, 2014

Auction Collections

SO I was in the neighborhood, so I stopped at this estate sale up near Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
 It had a ton of stuff, look at this adorable toy box! I love the cowboy theme you know....
 awwwwwwwwww, I wanted to hang around to bid on Roy & Dale, but it would have been near the end....Happy Trails to you, I love Roy & Dale!
 I don't know if the folks whose estate this was had some kind of shop or something, this whole plastic can was filled with Raggedy Ann's,dozens of them in all sizes, and there was one full of CPKs too.
 Ohhh look at the cute cutter sleigh!
 OK, I know I sometimes have a problem with collecting, but look, one
 three, four PUNCH BOWLS! That top one was HUGE! I bet it would hold 4 gallons at least!
 There were maybe 6 or 8 hay racks, and just on this one alone there were 5 nativity sets, I know, I really wanted to stay longer, but knew I better not!!
 Last thing I had to leave behind...sectional corner couch. WOW! I've never seen that print fabric before!
It's probably good that I didn't hang around any longer, DD is at the State Fair today and wasn't there to keep me from bidding recklessly! LOL!

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