Saturday, August 16, 2014

I Won!

SO, there's a thing called the All Iowa Shop Hop every year. 
The idea is that you buy the magazine with a list of all the participating Quilt Shops in the state of Iowa. Then those shops are divided into areas and then it's your job to go visit as many of the shops as you can in the allotted time. When you visit each shop you get a stamp-a sticker this year- and then when you have visited as many of the shops as you can, you turn in the form and hope to get a prize!
I got a PRIZE!!
Four fat quarters! YAY! They also have a specially designed Iowa fabric every year too-isn't it pretty!
There were 23 or so shops in my region-I got to 5 of them. Some people got every participating shop in the state-- over 100!! It would take all your free time for the month to do that I think!  Some people think it's fun to go to all these shops, I did not enjoy it at all. Too stressful! I felt like I had to hurry to go to another shop and some shops wouldn't give you the required sticker until you browsed (read BOUGHT something). That was stressful for me. It just happened that I didn't have a project in mind , so I didn't really want to buy any fabric. I know, sick, right? But how awesome- I won fabric!

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