Saturday, August 30, 2014

Uptown Bill's Flea Market

DD and SIL went to what we thought was going to be a big flea market, but turned out to be very small but mighty at Uptown Bill's. Uptown Bill's is a coffee house/meeting place/music venue/cool place that is making a difference in the lives of those with different abilities. Named for Bill Sackter who was mentally challenged but also pretty genius when it came to making thing better. Learn more about Bill here  Uptown Bill's Extend the Dream Foundation
SO anyways, Check out this costume jewelry IN BULK to say the least. This guy had TABLES full of this jewelery!

 I of course was not too interested in jewelry...of course DD was crazy for it!
I spied a box of vintage postcards and greeting cards, I picked it up for $2.
 Look at the gorgeous type face on the words Post Card. Oh my!
 Here's the front of the above card.  A lot of these cards were apparently carried to families not too far away by people traveling between towns in Iowa. Some are from Kalona Iowa to a person in Washington Iowa, or to Wellman, Iowa, but since there is no postage I am guessing they were hand carried.

 Isn't this one cool-the front is in maybe German(I'm guessing) but the short message on the back is in English. I find it kind of humorous that over 100years ago (the postmark on this card is 1909) people wrote "We are fine, hope you are the same" And we still write that same thing today!

 This card is wishing you a joyous Easter, but the message says that Ida wishes she could ask Zetta to come over for Easter, but the horses have "the distemper" so she wouldn't want Ida's horses to get it. YIKES! Yeah, sure joyous Easter to you too!
 This is a cool postcard too! Post marked 1941-Love that airplane

 and the same sentiments that have been sent for generations...We are all having a very nice time....
gotta love a good vacation!

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