Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Family Reunion

So on SUnday we had our annual Harry E Forbes Family Reunion. Number 82 I think? 
So I always like to spend time with my Mom & Dad, and relatives that we don't see except once or twice a year!
 Here's my Dad and cousin Robin and 2nd cousin Pam. It was during our business meeting and we go around the room and tell a bit about what the each family has been up to since the last year. Always entertaining! You always have to be careful what you say because our awesome secretary treasurer- my Aunt Francie -will write down EVERYTHING you SAY!
See look at her writing like crazy for the meeting minutes, and Great Uncle Bob our President just waiting to play a little more cribbage.
 My DD and my Mom-are they a riot or what!??
 I was sitting a couple of tables away and just kept snapping their picture....

 I just love my family so much!!

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