Saturday, November 8, 2014

Candy Tractors

 SO remember about 2 years ago I posted cute candy tractors that my friend from work made? Well I got around to making some of my own for my Church's bazaar. I got a heap of candy, and went to work to recreate the tractors.
 They came out pretty good I think. I had to change it up a bit, because I couldn't find the packs of gum that were used in the original version. See that's a kit kat bar for the base, then I was lucky enough to find Dove chocolates in round-ish shapes for the front wheel. The original version had peppermint patties for the big rear wheel, but I don;r like peppermint patties, so I got these  chocolate candy circles-some are peppermint!
 Then I used a candy mint for the seat. I just glued the twisted ends under and stuck it on the kitkat bar. I made some with a dove bite  for the seat, but I liked the look of the mint better plus they cost less than another bag of Doves.
 Then 2 miniature Hershey bars for the motor part and a Reese's bell for the steering wheel. Pretty cute with just some hot glue to put it all together.

I tried to think of something for the exhaust pipe that would go out the top on  a real tractor, but couldn't find anything that was small enough. oh well-they nearly sold out at $2 each at the bazaar!

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