Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thursday All Ready?!

So let's see, I better catch up!. Thankfully the church supper, bazaar & Auction is over! YAY! Very good results this year. right about $3850, only slightly less than last year.
 The snowman table runner went home with someone else.YAY!
 These quilts that the ladies group of hand quilters had for sale went for the asking price...$150 for the two bed size and $100 for the smaller stained glass pattern quilt. The bed size quilts are both cheater quilts, but all hand quilted.
 These auction items are all sold! And almost all of these chairs and tables are put away again! Phew!
 These hams have been eaten and auctioned off too! We sold one of them for $50!YAY!!!!
 Hubs and I stopped over to the Stringtown grocery the other day too. We hadn't been over since they moved next door to their old location into a new larger building.
 Stringtown is operated by the folks in the Amish community near Kalona , Iowa. They sell bulk food stuffs repackaged into various manageable sizes.
 And they also sell some unique items that you don't find anywhere else.
 The new store is really spacious! Look at these beautiful, colorful squash and gourds in the bins out front.
 And I also got a swap box in the mail. One of my long time website forums for craftiness has several swaps throughout the year and this time it's the RAK box swap; The box is stuffed with craft supplies and things that you are willing to part with then it's sent on to the next person who takes what they want and adds some stuff and sends it on to the next person. and so on.
 I took out these two cute little sewing panel cutouts, and some decorative cording trim. Now I need to add a few things and send it on.
Now I'm all caught up!

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