Saturday, November 15, 2014

Auction Day

It's a cold day for an auction but DD and me went anyways. We were going to take a lookie loo at these anvils for Dad. Just our luck they were near the end. But that left us lots of time to lookie loo around.
 Lots of old iron around this sale. It was on an old farm, lots of farm equipment.
 Lots of old buildings..there's an old Cadillac in this barn. It's in rough shape, but the cars seemed to do pretty well.
 Love the old paint on these doors-people try to fale this kind of look all the time, but these are the real deals.
 These old sleds went for $50. They were sure pretty.
 The electrical in some of the buildings was pretty hazardous looking. The folks who lived here seemed to have a lot of livestock and then gave it up to cars and machinery.
 Check this barn out! Wooden peg construction...boy those were the days of craftsmanship!
 This old 2 door station wagon Pontiac went for $8000. It was pretty rough.
 The trim on this old Pontiac was really pretty, I bet it was really something back in the day.
 Wooden spokes on the wheels, and
 a wooden steering wheel, like I said we had a lot of time to look around.
 These fire extinguishers went for $50.

Then it started to snow. I've hung around at some cold auctions and in the rain auctions, but I don't think I've been snowed on at an auction before.

 He crowd was getting pretty small by the time they sold the anvils, and doesn't it figure , they went for more money than I had in my pocket. $250
We left in the snow empty handed after a day at the auction. Maybe we'll have better luck next time!

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