Tuesday, November 18, 2014


So I don't really uinderstand the Minecraft trend. I understand it's an on line interactive multiplayer video game. But beyond that...not so much.
 But my dear girlfriend-in-law pointed out tome that her eldest daughter is a big fan and saw a "creeper" quilt on line. Is that something you could do? So she sent me the link, and I googled  creeper quilt, and what do ya know? There's a whole bunch of grown ups who are indulging their kids Minecraft passion.
 So I cut 5 1/2" blocks of 6 different green solids plus black for the "face". I started out with the easy to make 9 patch blocks and the went to single blocks to make the face part. 
Here it is all laid out and ready to sew the rows together. Looks like the ones everyone else is making, but I imagine the darling girl will love it. It's got to be the most unusual quilt I've ever made!

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