Friday, November 21, 2014

Thanks So Much Cards

So, after all the work for the annual church auction, I needed to get thank you notes sent out to our generous contributors. After all, I wil likely be asking for their help for something in the future, right?
 SO I stamped some thank you sentiments and embossed them, see how they are pretty and shiny? Ohhhh, nice!
 Then I used my tiny envelope punch and made envelopes-so cute! and inked the edges of the sentiments
 and glued the sentiments into the envelopes
 And TA DA, look how cute these cards are!  I chose a lot of bright scraps of paper to make the 4"X5" cards.
 Now for envelopes. I'm still working through the old atlas pages and they make great envelopes! I used the cool envelope punch board to make unique envelopes.
A few folds and A little glue stick in the proper places...
 Then added address labels and YAY! I'm done! Off to the mailbox now with my handmade, pretty much free thank you notes!