Saturday, November 22, 2014

Standing in Line

SO, my paper shredder dies. We had been best friends for YEARS! All the sudden while I'm shredding a pile of stuff, he just up and stops shredding. SO I did some on line "research" and found the best deal was at best Buy. SO I traveled over to my neighborhood best Buy.  Now I hate to rant too much, but....this is one full week BEFORE Black Friday, and there was ONE check out stand open at Best Buy. YES ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! What are you people thinking??!!After about a 7 minute wait...yes I know seven minutes doesn't seem like much, but when the kid in front of you is waiting to spend his birthday money on a new Skylander figure, and the guy behind you is trying to get back to work on time, well seven minutes is a LONG time. At long last another cashier comes along.  Phew-paper shredder purchase COMPLETE!
 I stepped over to Target next, see what's in my cart? Yeah, not anything fun or festive at all.
 But here's something fun! gas over at Costco was only $2.64!! Now that was a cheery thing to see!
 Then I went to JoAnn's because I needed some thread for the quilt I'm in working on...yes I went to JoAnn's and I only bought two spools of thread. The line at the cutting table made me avert my eyes from any fabric at all.Again standing in a long line to check out, and this is a full week before Black Friday...what are these retailers thinking??!
 I had to relax after standing in line everywhere I went, so when I got home I whipped up some sample stockings. We're planning to hand out stockings with crayons and a coloring page in them for the kids on Christmas eve at church. I'm so proud I thought to get started on this before December 23rd.
I googled fast Christmas stocking and found several ideas, so I had to try them and see which was actually the fastest. They're all pretty fast I have to say. More to come on stockings!

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