Thursday, December 18, 2014

Coaster Card Holder

So, I'm giving a giftcard to our local fancy smancy beer brewery and wanted a cute way to keep track of it until giving time. Smart person that I am, I picked up a couple of drink coasters while I was there getting the card. Now I can make a sweet card holder!
 It's kind of fun that the brewery is called Backpocket, since I made a pocket for the card in the coaster.
 The backside is a bit of glittery paper attached with a string between so I can hang it on the tree like an ornament! Clever, right?!
Now It won't get lost in the jumble of paper and bags around the tree and it looks cute hanging there too! I think I'm going to try a round coaster from somewhere...I'm keeping my out eye for coasters now!

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