Tuesday, December 16, 2014


So, look! I finished the Randall Boggs's been the bane of my existence, but a lady I know at work has a kid and all he wants for Christmas is a Randall Boggs could I say no? Here's the tail section and, here's the finished costume.
It's made of fleece because I couldn't find felt in the right color-Darn! But Finished!
Have I mentioned that every time I go to a store, they don't have what I want? I'm thinking the retail industry is against me. Never mind.
I got my Christmas decor up! Yay! Look at this adorable Ho Ho Ho banner that my Mom made. Last year I didn't get any Christmas decor out because we were in the midst of the great dishwasher flood/flooring drama. This year, I'm all back to normal!

 The shepherds, and wise men & Mary, Joe & Jesus are in place and the goats-new last year-are now in place at the stable! Finished!
 DD dropped her Christmas shopping off for me to wrap...did I say I could wrap...I don't think so! But look here's a cute wrap job-brown paper with cut out letters and I used my Red, Duck brand tape to hold these two odd sized gifts in a nice stack! I'm so smart, and festive too! Finished!

 ANd she also bought this large heavy gift so I sewed up a Christmas gift bag to fit it and the handles of the gift stick out so it can be easily carried-it's pretty darn heavy! Finished!

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