Friday, January 16, 2015

Target Day

So, I have not been to Target for quite awhile. Did you know they have sandwiches and stuff over in the grocery section? Huh, well whadoya know?
 Ooo, it's valentines time! I love valentines......
 Yikes, they apparently don't make plain paper valentines any more. Ohhhh, magic marker books! They all come with something.. Some have a tattoo, or a sticker...mostly a tattoo. Do you think that's why tattoos are so popular these days? We let our kids tattoo themselves for years and BOOM!

Look you can BUY a cardboard shoebox with a slot already cut in the top! $3...really? I mean, I know that slot is really hard to make, I can remember stabbing my hand with the pointy scissors to this day!

HAHA-their sign person is asleep in their bra I bet! Those are some pretty jazzy underpants.....
 Heyyyy, look in the dollar spot...magic marker books...$3...wait back in valentines they're $4.99...shame on you Target.

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