Friday, March 13, 2015

Almost Time to Go Home...

So we got off to a great start on Sunday morning-even with the spring forward time ! Junior's Grill & Cafe was perfect!
Mmmm, maybe the BEST patty Melt I've ever had!
 Fish and Chips for the tour guide, and
 DD has salad and chicken strips. Boy you can't go wrong with this little diner's food!
 We'll stop in here again next time we come up! Thanks Junior's!
So just a couple more stops, I wanted to visit the Whole Foods Store to stock up on Alba lip balm-hey, it's kind of hard to find and it's the best!
And on the way I spotted Treadle.
And there was a parking place right in front was like it was meant to be!
 What a nice little fabric shop! Nice variety of fabrics for garments and quilts and look at the nice assortment of laminates.

 Worth the stop! Back to Robin's to tie up loose ends and then we're on the road again!  This photographer statue is the "mascot" for Robin's apartment building. See he's all decked out in his St. Patrick day finery!  We'll be back to see you in the summer Photographer!

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