Thursday, March 12, 2015

Retail Therapy

So there's a really nice outlet mall  called Twin Cities Premium Outlet mall in Eagen, Minnesota. 
They have all the usual store, all of them are really nice! And it's an outdoor kind of plaza so you are outdoors in the nice weather...I think it might be a painful trip at Christmas time, but we had a great time and scored dresses galore for DD. 
 A Fossil store, have I mentioned how much we all really love the Fossil brand? We love it even more when it's on sale, but none of these cute bags came home with us....
 On to the next place! Here's what the exterior of the mall looks like. Very Pretty, kind of like an old fashioned courtyard feeling.
 OOOHH, the Coach store is having a sale! Let's go look. Here's my favorite bargain of the whole trip...snort! NOT! This cute Coach purse is regularly $495.00 but LOOK It's on SALE for .....$491.99!! Oh boy $3.01 off!!! I'll take TWO!!!

 I guess the neon look is back too, at least Coach thinks so, I think these babies will need to get down to about $15.00 before anyone buys one!
On to Dresses! DD found the jackpot of dresses at the Dress Barn Outlet! Cute cute cute!!!
 SO we also popped over to the Mall of America for supper at The Cadillac Ranch. Nice decor and it's a pretty good sized restaurant inside the mall.
I thought it was cool they had roll up garage doors to close the outside seating area, and license plates on the ceiling over the bar. 
 I had the flatbread pizza

 We shared some kettle chips
 And there were steaks for my partners in retail therapy.
Then it was on to the MALL. Here's the Nickelodeon World amusement park inside the mall.
 Look the TMNT are here...
 And Peeps!
 and Rugrats,
 And a huge zipline that goes up to the roof!
 Now to do some window shopping....on the way to Maurice's
 Nike store.....
 Oh and Nordstrom RACK...they move all the clearance past season stuff here...we got sucked into the shoe aisles......
 And I do mean Aisles plural...they go on forever! And luckily they are sorted by size! One shoe is on the shelf and you take it to the window and an employee goes and gets the mate for you to buy.
 OOOH, look at these little flats...Kate Spade...I don't think you're worth the marked down price of $109. Guess you're staying here.
 Look at all of these shoes!!!!
 And purses, not just cheapo purses either...designer, expensive purses and they are just flung around, not stuffed and displayed or anything! I just wanted to cry for these poor purses hanging so sadly.
 Look this little number is a Salvatore Ferragamo
 bag. It's really a nice purse...all leather, and just dangleing here with no stuffing, and no hope, poor Ferragamo!!! This purse sells for $1750.00!! on sale here for $519.97. But who treats their five hundred dollar purses like this!
 Sorry Ferragamo, you have to stay..sniff, sniff. Look a flip flop store!
I'm telling you, they have everything at Mall of America!

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