Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Target Is WAY OFF Target in a BIG Way

So while we were in Minneapolis it would be silly not to stop at Target-Target's Home is Minnesota after all. DD has been anxious to see the new line if Ava & Viv plus size clothing too. Ava & Viv has been getting a lot of press recently and so off we went to check it out at the Richfield store.
 Sooo, to be clear Ava & Viv is plus size clothing, NOT maternity. Why would any store manager allow this new line of clothing to be merchandised under the store directory maternity sign? I can't believe it! I am just astounded at the poor product placement and the awful signage. It is actually an insult to the designer, the shoppers and a disgrace to Target. Is that banner sign backwards too? Maybe.
 Look, in this photo you can see where the store directory signage is for Maternity and Women's and along the back wall are product photos for Misses sizes product. What a cluster. I don't know how to tell if the merchandise is nice or not because I can't find it in the horrible mess racks and tables with all brands and sizes mixed in.
 A photo from the interior aisle shows that the Maternity items on tables on the left are facing the Ava & Viv items on the right hand table. OMG, how can anyone shop this way! AGGGGHHH! Even the pictures on the back wall are aggravating Maternity alongside Misses with Plus sizes merchandised beneath it all.
I am positive that plus size shoppers (Target calls them guests) are not at all interested in shopping the Maternity section and Pregnant women are not interested in shopping for plus sizes (who wants to be reminded, right?) Please Target, respect your guests, make your store more organized, correctly signed,and user friendly for your maternity guests AND your Plus Size guests.


Unknown said...

Paying attention to detail isn't hard. I love target and buy a lot of clothes there but and there are definitely certain target locations I no longer shop at because the clothing sections are poorly run/organized. I agree with your post 100%

knuckstermom said...

Thanks Becky! I generally love Target, but this is just sloppy disrespectful merchandising.