Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Juicy Adventures continue!

So we went over to the 5 8 Club. Home of the Juicy Lucy, which is a hamburger with cheese inside the beef patty. 
 This is a landmark in Minneapolis and dates back to the era of prohibition. It's also a really delicious place to eat.
 I had the Sloppy Sally, hamburger plus it has secret sauce and lettuce & tomato. It was wonderful!
 DD had the juicy Lucy and said it was really good too! Burgers on toasted buns really can't be beat!
 So then we buzzed over to IKEA! Oh My Goodness. I took a zillion photos, and there was so much to see!
 Three floors of awesomeness!
 Places to dine, places to sleep,
 places to store stuff
places to drool

 oh the shelving option at IKEA,!! They are endless!!
 and not too pricey either!
 They provide maps of the store and you write down the stuff you want and when you chekc out they go get it for you!

 And those arrows on the floor that point you in the correct direction? Those are lights that shine down on the huh!

 OK, so we finally lest the awesomeness that is IKEA, only because it was almost closing time and we wanted to pop over to Macy's and have some gelato to finish the night! What a great evening!

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