Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Minnehaha and Beyond!

 So on the list of  "things to see" was Minnehaha Falls. the day was bright and clear and not too cold so off we went!
 It's a really nice park and easy to get to with a great tour guide!
 DD and my favorite cousin, Robin- aka a great tour guide!

Here's a statue of Minnehaha and Hiawatha, you know like in the poem. It's very nice!

 I think we'll need to come back to this park in the summer, I bet it's full of park loving folks!
 So then we drove over to the Minnehaha house, that nicole Curtis rehabbed on the TV program Rehab Addict. We love her show!
 Look there's DD sitting in the car because she didn't want to be a stalker, person taking pictures of a strangers house.

 Still it was a very lovely house, in a wonderful location right next to a nice walking path and a creek or small river take your pick.

 So then we went over to Stillwater Minnesota. They are famous for their shopping and the lift bridge. Here's the bridge. Of course in my mind they are famous because in the John Sandford books somebody is always needing to go to Stillwater. We chose not to shop, even though they are chock a block with shops offering everything from Antiques to yarn.
 Instead we had lunch.
 We stopped at a very nice restaurant. hmmm, too bad I can't remember the name....Dock Cafe maybe?
 I had the oriental salad...not the greatest thing I ever ate...I think the oranges were bad.
 Robin had a beef dip sandwich-it was good! And DD had breakfast.
 See what a nice view of the river from the dining room. 
So on to more adventures!

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