Monday, March 9, 2015

Fabric Destination

DD and me are on the road to Minneapolis for DDs birthday.  On our list is a stop at S.R. Harris fabric Warehouse. We stopped at the Burnsville location-it's a newer location and is not quite as large as the original location in Brooklyn Park Minnesota-I've only heard this I have no experience with the Brooklyn Park location...YET!, but the Burnsville location fit in better with our travels this time.....there's always next time!
 Anyways....look at what they have!
 Aisles and aisles of home dec fabric-all pretty reasonably priced, but even better all the prices are HALF OFF the marked price!! Yes that's right! HALF OFF!
Fabric fabric everywhere!
 Look even leather skins, in so many colors and so many designs...oh my!
 Trims, and there are racks like these at the end of almost every decor weight fabric aisle. So many trims...
 Polar fleeces, I'm not too interested in getting any, but boy d they have selection! Look there's DD taking a picture of me taking a picture of me! We had such fun!
 Look at this Nike Brand fabric-the dri fit stuff and the meshes, oh wow! Think of all the Nike Apparel you could custom make! And priced at 8.99 a yard, you'd get it for 4.50 a yard...jeez, you can't get hardly anything for that price....good grammar goes out the window with the fabric overload!!
 Look at all the swimwear knits, there is every color and print you could imagine selling for mostly 24.99 a yard, but you'd pay half on that TOO! So only 12.50 a yard-WOW! There were denims, silks, blends, imported fabrics, designer fabrics...oh my goodness!
 lovely spring gauze cottons,
 OHHH MMMM GGGGG LOOK It's Tula Pink Voiles! Look at all the Tula Pink voile fabrics! I didn't buy any-I'm sure I'll regret that-but at only 11.99 a yard I could have gotten it for only 6.00 a yard! $6 a yard for Tula Pink Voile Fabric is amazing!
I couldn't believe all the designer fabrics they had here are lovely woolens, boucles, 
 woolen blends and almost all could be had for about $12 a yard. Amazing!
 Even water repellent woolens-these rolls were wonderful to touch and had a kind of laminated rubbery backing-amazing fabric! They were a little on the pricy side-you can see the price tags-but you'd still only pay half that price!
 Here  are some silks and taffeta silk, the variety they had was just mind boggling! I didn't take pictures of even 1% of what they had. It was just so much fabric! And at half price!
 Here's a tiny corner of the cottons area. there are more shelves to the left of the picture and also around the corner to the right. There is everything designer I could imagine, Micheal Miller, Riley Blake, Lori Young, there was a ton of designers from Timeless Treasures, there were Robert Kauffman, lots of Moda Designers, I was so excited to just touch all that fabric!!!

 Here's my haul...I know, I really did stick to my budget! But look I got 6 and a half yards total of designer quilters cottons for only $38.35...let's see do the only about $5.90 a yard for such lovely, high quality fabrics!
Here's what I bought-I had to fold it with selvedges up so you can see how cute these designers are!
Yup and here I am with my friend Mary...yes that would be the real statue of the imaginary Mary Richards who is the real Mary Tyler Moore. It's downtown in Minneapolis in front of Macy's.  I told DD that would be the funnest 5 minutes we had...and it was!

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