Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sanding ...

So awhile back, like last year, I started sanding down a really pretty peice of lumber to make a table out of.
Here it is...the beginning of a wonderful idea!
Well I've gotten a few pretty cool things in my garage since then. Look I have electrical outlets! Two of 'em! Thanks to my SIL John!
 And I got a belt sander at an auction last summer and I haven't even looked at the manual yet! Well, today's the day, look here.
 I put on a new belt and tested it out on a bit of scrap wood. Now to work on my cool wood.
 Foe some reason it has this icky blue paint or stain or something on the end. Not really the look I want.
 Look now...after a couple of passes with the bel sander! Wow!
 And now, just a couple of more passes....
 And there, now that's so much better. I used my little baby sander to get in that tiny jagged place, and it looks like I want it to. Now after a little bit of sanding with a little 220 sandpaper, I'm ready to decide on a finish.
Hmmm, stain or not? Shiny or not? I better take a break and think about this!

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