Saturday, April 18, 2015

Screen DIY

So I had a backup DIY project planned for today, just in case there weren't many jeans to fix at my church., Oxford United Methodist Church.. The screen on the back door was icky-old and dry rotted and faded and icky. SO while I was getting lamp parts at the hardware store the other day I saw rolls of screen marked down  to only $3.99 -Calling my name!LOL!.
 Today while my Mom and I visited, she helped me cut the screen to the right length, and then lucky me! One of our church ladies had some screen spline she gave me to use so I didn't have to try to re-use the dry icky old stuff! YAY! Thanks Ellen!
 There we go! The cool screen tool I own makes pretty quick work of this job! I used the scissors to trim off the excess and WOW! What a difference!
 Looks like somebody who knew what they were doing did it! HA!
Good for a few more years I'd say!

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