Friday, May 15, 2015

Sign Making

So, I got the sanmdwich sign boards done, now I need the paper to clip on there. I chose a pretty fat font on my computer and printed it out at like a 325 size. It took a few pages, but I just cut them and taped them together to fit in my space. 
 Lucky for me the size of my sign boards is about the size of my kitchen island! YAY! I taped my printed out sheets to the counter top, making sure to keep them level. Then I just traced onto my clear white freezer paper.
 Until I got to the smaller letters. Tracing takes too long. SO I just winged it and used my Sharpee marker to color them in. I did all the sign paper so I could color later...and give my Hubs back his counter top.
 I love the way these signs came out. Freezer paper is a really good fit for the boards and I can create a sign for any occasion!
 Ready to go!

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