Saturday, May 16, 2015

Lemonade Stand

So here's the project that has been taking the most of my time. The lemonade Stand.  It was mentioned that the kids at church would like to have a lemonade stand. The guy who could get some lumber is really busy with kids and life, so I told him to drop off the lumber and I'd give it a go.
I looked at a ton of plans on Pinterest and it looks like the way to go is build 3 frames and hook them together. Got it!
I had 2X4s and some of this beadboard looking plywood to work with. SO measure, measure , measure.....
Lean it up for a test.....
Looking pretty good....Dang it I'm out of screws...DD picked me up a box...these a excellent screws. They even come with the bit for the drill.
SO I wanted to have a place for the kids money box, and a place for the lemonade container to sit. and I was thinking I'd hook a basket under the center of the shelf to hold cups.
I bought two boards to make the counter top and to make the little shelves.  I traced around a roll of tape I had to cut the rounded edges. Then cut them off with my jig saw. They came out pretty good!
Now for a lot of sanding! Thank goodness for that dandy belt sander!
It's shaping up pretty good. Now to add some wheels, because the thing is pretty hefty. I wouldn't want to carry it around. Wheels are kind of pricy and I'll never understand why hardware stores only have 2 or 3 wheels of the same size, same kind. Never is there 4 of a kind! I had to go two different hardware stores to get 4 wheels! These little 2" guys work just fine!
There! Now for the 1st coat of paint!DD says it's not a lemonade stand she says it's a rolling bar!LOL!
I got a gallon of glossy white trim exterior paint in the clearance section....unfortunatly it's oil based not latex and it stinks and it's taking forever to dry!
For sure it will need 2 coats....
Two long stinky coats...
But it's shiny and very white!
You can see here where the corners don't match-there's a 2X4's width gap there on both corners. Yeah, I know, but it's what I had to work with! And who knew you had to put another 2X4 in there to connect the two corners....oh well!
It's shaping up pretty good, don't you think?
See that little corner shelf is for the lemonade jug with a spigot on the front to hang over the edge. I figured the kids won't knock it off like they could if it was sitting up on the counter.
Now I put on the last coat on Wednesday morning before I went to work thinking the paint will be dry by Saturday....
We loaded it in the pickup  on Friday evening and there are still some spots that are wet! I can't believe it!
Oh well the kids are having a great time with it. I need to figure out some kind of awning and sign business for above the stand, but it'll do for now I think.
Cute right!? Remind me not to volunteer for assembly again ok? LOL!

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