Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Vendor Event Recap

SO the Vendor Event that DD organized at our church went really well. Table rental fees made $335 for the church's fund.  I set up the room for 15 vendors, and 12 showed up. I don't know what happened to the 3 no shows but I hope all is well with them.
 As it turns out, the room fits 15 with no problem, and we could have easily slid in 3 more and still have plenty of room between tables. We learned a lot from our wonderful vendors. They appreciated the space to get out from behind their tables. They also suggested we not go until 4pm. They were right, business dropped off dramatically after 2pm.
I chose to have refreshments for our vendors-sandwiches and snacks and bottled water-they liked that too. 
We also are pretty sure we're going to do it again in the fall. Our vendors said they see good sales in the weeks before Thanksgiving and of course around Christmas, so I think the fall might be good. We were a little bit heavy on the cosmetic vendors so we'll try to limit that to maybe 3 next time too. I think all the vendors had at least one sale and interest in their products, so that's a good thing.
 Those wooden sign boards look good, easily readable from down the block! YAY! Better placement nearer the corner would be good I think though.

 The vendors supplied door prizes which we drew for from those that registered. We had about 30 folks register so that made a good assortment of winners.
 And the kids had fun with the lemonade stand! They made $10.50, good job kiddos!
And my favorite gardeners did some yard work after that busy day!  What a great day over all!

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