Monday, June 22, 2015

Make Do & Mend...

I think the trend towards reusing, or "up-cycling" is a good thing.
I did my small bit today...mending!
 For some reason I tend to let mending for us pile up. Oh well-all done now.

 Have you noticed that patched jeans seem to be a fashion statement?
I noticed my favorite Pickers have been wearing patched jeans in recent episodes.
And look you can get these at Nordstroms for 80 bucks! On sale!
 I mend better than that!!
Look at these Neiman Marcus Le Skinny De Jeanne Jeans, Kittyhawk
$229.00 .......... thank goodness there's free shipping! I could fix those holes for you!LOL!
Look! Gwen Stefani has mended jeans so they must be in style!
I could fix those holes in your jeans David Beckham!
Anyways, It's good to know we're in style around here with patched jeans!

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