Tuesday, June 2, 2015

New Power Tools & What's in the Bag

SO my Mom purchased a new power tool. Yup, this is a Bernina B-770. And I gotta say it's a pretty marvelous machine. That little screen actually plays animations-as opposed to just a drawing- to guide you through anything you need to know. And it is HUGE. Mom had to rearrange a few things just to make it fit. After she gets a little practice, I'm going to see if I can take it for a spin. You know how much I love power tools!

So for lunch we went into Marshalltown, Mom & Dad drove us by the latest artwork that the city of Marshalltown has installed. It's on 13th street. I guess it's an OK peice of art but, 13th street is kind of a vintage, traditional, old fashioned neighborhood, so I'm not sure it's a very good fit right there next to the tennis courts, across the parking lot from the Salvation Army store.
Back to Mom's sewing room, we helped her organize some of her supplies to make a little room for the new B-770. Just look at those tidy shelves behind DD!
Hey look! It's a bag from Monkey Wards! Who has missed Montgomery Wards? I can remember when it was a "huge" (huge to a little kid anyways) department store in downtown Marshalltown, Iowa. It had an upstairs-balcony, and I think it was down there on Main street across from Zeno's if I recall correctly.
Boy, they knew how to make a good bag back then didn't they! What's in the bag? Well lookie there-a chenille bath robe. What the heck? Mom says it was Grandma Forbes's robe. Somehow I can't exactly picture my Grandma in a peacock chenille robe, but it is a very cool garment. 
Worthy of storage in a Monkey Wards bag indeed! On with the organizing!!

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