Friday, June 5, 2015

Hay There!

 The folks across the street are fixing to bale their 1st cutting of hay. Doesn't it look so neat and tidy all swept up into rows? I snapped this quick picture on my way to work. When I got off work, I did this......
 Loaded pallets up in Wellie for DDs latest project. I gotta say backing Wellie up to a dock door was a different experience!
 SO this morning I unloaded the pallets....I hope I got enough.  I tried to pick heavy ones-thinking they were better than pine boards...and ones with some wear and character to them. At my work we pretty much get new, clean pallets, so it took a couple of days to find some not new looking ones.
DD has a vision of a pallet wood this sorta.....
I dare you to google "Pallet Wood Wall" and wait until you see all the folks who used pallets for decor. It is pretty amazing.

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