Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Touble With Pairs

So when DD and me were at My Mom's awhile back we came across a couple of projects that neeeded to get finished. I took these cute slippers home to complete. They have a cute peacock embroidered design on them and well, we were looking at peacocks you might remember. 
 The first thing I discovered-DUH!-is that the non slip soles are non non slip and won't slide across the feed dogs or anything else! Scrap paper to the rescue!
 I gotta say these are cute slippers, but I would have assembled them differently.  This edge with so many layers is horrible. I'm not too optimistic for a beautiful finish, but they will be finished! And that's the trouble with pairs...there's another one after you are done with ONE!
 Wat a minute! MOM! How the heck did you manage to make one wider than the other? LOL! Well I'll trim it down a little bit.
 This is hard work here! OK all stuck together,. now just to apply bias binding...YIKES!
 Well here they are. Finished! Not the prettiest thing I've ever finished, but still good enough for around the house. I don't think Mom was planning on entering them at the Fair.

Hi Mom, your slippers are waiting for you!

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