Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Weekend Pass Times

 So I loaded up DD and SIL and went off to an auction over in Mechanicsville, Iowa. I probably should have stayed home. I wanted to see the tools at the sale though. There were OWLS all over the place. The folks who were selling had quite a collection. These big owl lamps were pretty darn great don't you think?
 There was an anvil too. Peter Wright...see I learned about that kind of thing from my Dad. Thanks Dad! DD got a giant roaster and a griddle. I got nuthin'. The things I wanted just went for more than I thought they should...or maybe I'm just cheap.
So of course I think I should go to the Antique show/Flea market on Sunday.
 Lots of stuff to look at here! The fairgrounds in Iowa City is a pretty good place to have this show. Good parking and lots of space.
 I keep seeing these lightening rod/glass ball things lately.  That must be the trendy thing. They seem to all sell the metal part separate for around $40-$50 and the glass part for $30-$50.
 Hmm, drawer knobs...DD is always on the lookout for some replacements, not these though. $10 each...maybe I AM cheap.
 If I knew what to do with them I might like these boxes, they must be trendy too because I think every booth had some wooden boxes all shined up...well at least dusted off!
 Isn't this a different quilt block? I don't think it was antique, but still very cool!
 Look at that! A P&G gift basket, I'm guessing it was the holiday gift one year...before my time!
 And this guy! Grrr, he is at every show I have been to I think, and he's got his Jadeite priced a little too high...yeah, I know, maybe I'm cheap...but really!
Well enough of the weekend pass times, I better head to the store for some groceries!

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