Saturday, July 4, 2015

Catching Up!

So I've been busy getting the last of the yard sale things taken away and deposited in various places. Stuff Consignment store for the nicest things, Salvation Army Store for useful things and just plain trash for the useless things.
I had a really beautiful surprise in my front flowers the other day! Look here....
 The prettiest lightening rod appeared! Isn't it gorgeous! I am in love! See it has a stained glass arrow on it and the lavender glass ball is so pretty!
 I'm not sure how or where my wonderful gardener got it but I do love it! AND her!
 I came home from work the other evening and look at these two. Just chillin' on the loveseat. Bob & Mitch always get along good.
 And last night I watched the fireworks with Mitch-the dog who isn't afraid of loud bangs- from our back porch.
 It was a comfortable 60degrees and my goofy city of Oxford had their fireworks on the 3rd instead of the 4th.
It's kind of hard to catch pictures of fireworks, but these will do.
Today is parade day-1st the Coralville, Iowa parade.We're all garbed in our Independence Day finery!
Next will be the Oxford, Iowa parade at 3.......Now I better get busy I have a dog water dish to fix!

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