Saturday, June 27, 2015

Up Bright & Early!

So it was yard sale Day today in oxford Iowa. I got up waaaayyy early to get my cool signs out, and finish organizing stuff.
 Boy that sign looks good as the sign comes up! Now to get the last of the pricing done!

 Cute pins and jewelry...we sold a little bit, lots of lookers but not too many buyers!
 Purses galore-DD donated some of her purse stash! And they sold well! Even the high dollar ones!
 Toys-so many toys this year!
 Lots of general stuff. It's amazing how much stuff all the members of our church have stashed away!
 And this year we had more clothes than I've ever had before. We didn't really have many high dollar items like some years. But we still exceeded last years earning by a little bit. We banked over $500 this year. The sloppy Joe lunch went over really well and made something like $128. Folks love Pastor Diane's secret recipe! I'm sure glad it's done for this year!

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