Sunday, July 12, 2015

Got One Started

 So I cut up some fabric I had been hoarding for awhile. I just love it, so I wasn't too keen on cutting it up, but...well it's gotta happen sometime. I saw an old fashioned Snowball Quilt in a magazine and thought it would be good for the large typewriter print. SO I cut about a zillion tiny squares of dark fabrics for the corners.....
And look at this cute box I used to hold all those tiny little squares..My Mom got it for me.It's a pretty fancy box that you're supposed to put a quilt block in the lid for decoration. It's a perfect size for all those dark squares!
And cut up the wonderful fabric from Julia Rothman for Windom Fabrics. You can see it here
I haven't been very motivated lately, but I got started on a few blocks. DD stopped over and lookie here! She ironed my blocks for me while I sewed! What a great gal!!
 I had to see how it was going to come along so here's a t4est layout. Simple as can be!

 Can you guess what DD said when she saw the test?  "You are going to make sure those stripes all go in the same direction aren't you?" LOL!!
No Honey, and I'm also going to make sure the letters are every which way too...OCD much? LOVE that girl!!

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