Saturday, July 11, 2015

We're Lucky

Today DD and me and SIL went to the new Lucky's Market for lunch and to be lookie loos. They have a bakery, coffee shop, pizza bakery and deli as well as sandwiches and smoothies! What a huge selection of food!
 Here's the salad bar-and there's also an olive bar too!
 Today was Taste of Lucky's and they cooked out and served picnic style. Each item was $1. The pizza was 2 slices for $4. The brats were very good, as was the potato salad and cole slaw. That angel food cake with strawberries was awesome! And what a bargain-we all 3 ate for $9 plus beverages.
 Now on to some grocery shopping....
 Produce-look greens....
 At the end of each aisle they have quirky items....
 A large spice section....
 A large assortment of bulk goods....
 A huge assortment of medicines and drug store types of things.
 Cheese Louise....hahahaha
 A great looking meat counter as well as packaged meats too. With seafood, chicken, beef and pork!
 Isn't this a cute display-it's a little empty right now, but I like the industrial look of all the displays.
 More of the bulk stuff, and when we were checking out DD pointed out the lights....
 Look each one is made of bottles of Millstream beers and root beer!
 It was a great visit and I liked the prices a lot better than some stores that specialize in organic and natural foods. I think I'll be stopping at Lucky's again soon!
Here's the link to  Lucky's Market to find one near you!

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