Monday, July 27, 2015

Mission: Organize Closet

So DD and me traveled to my favorite Cousin's house to help her orgtanize her closet. What FUN we had!! There was sorting, and packing and donating! We toted away more than a dozen bags of lovely clothing to the ARC donation center in Minneapolis.
 There was folding....yes you saw it here folks...folding
 Like Sheldon.....side, side, bottom, flip.....
 folding and more folding......and hanging too!
 And look how the finished closet came out! WAHOO!!!!!
 We didn't just hang around in the closet though, we ate and shopped, and had a wonderful time as always in Minneapolis!
The final result was just so nice and organized, but more than that DD and me got to hang out with one of our favorite people!  I'll show you where we ate...tomorrow!

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