Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Shopping & Element Wood Fire Pizza

So we ran some errands and did a little shopping while we were in Minneapolis. We stopped at a couple of uniform shops looking for the ugly green scrub tops that DD is being required to have for her work. One shop had a nice assortment so we got pants there and I saw this sign in the window...It says 
Always Be Yourself UNLESS you can be Batman then you should always be Batman. HAHAHA!
Made me laugh!!
 Anyways, then we traveled to another uniform shop-and WOW they had EVERYTHING anyone could want! Did I already mention how nice it is to have a person who already knows where to go and the best ways to travel around Minneapolis? It is a wonderful thing!
Anyhow, this shop had a ton of stuff and we got several ugly tops and pants and a pair of shoes too!
 Then it was time for lunch...or did we have lunch first...whatever!
 It's a wonderful thing when the person driving knows the way to go! None of us had ever been to Element Wood Fire Pizza before so it was a total surprise for all of us! Here's the Link for Element Pizza's webpage.
Element Pizza ® 96 Broadway St. N.E. Minneapolis, MN 55413
(612) 379-3028

What a cozy little place for lunch! Lovely wood tables and a rustic cabin feeling. There is also a patio so you could eat outside too. We love air conditioning......
Stop at the counter and order from the huge menu of pizza choices. one size fits all! And you can watch the pizza bake in the wood fire oven too!
 MMMM- I ordered the Hawaiian with basil.  Look at that! The crust was perfect, crispy and light and the sauce was so good. I loved this pizza.
 My dining partners.....I love them so much too!
 And pizza for everyone, look at all the toppings. Pizza is delivered to your table and the folks there were very nice-smiles all around! How nice to have service with a smile!

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