Monday, August 17, 2015

Kid Sewing

SO vacation is over for me, I have to go to work this afternoon. Sad Face......
But I had t o get some fabric sewed up for the Girlfriend-In-Laws kiddos before summer ends altogether!
 I got this book at the church yard sale back in June and thought I'd give it a whirl for the TMNT dress for Little Jaymie.
The book comes with a pattern you just trace off in the size you want and then they suggest all kinds of embellishments and alterations. I just went basic with a good pocket on the front. 

I think she liked it-she wore it to the fair! I pointed out to her that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on this fabric have the words Sewer Surfing on it and that sewer is spelled the same as sew-er! So maybe the TMNT are really sewing not surfing the sewer. 
Then I switched to McCall's 6099
 to make this Pokemon shirt for Young Kevin. he hasn't gotten it yet. I just finished it this morning and I like the way it turned out!
I hadn't made a collar shirt in quite awhile so it took me a little bit to remember the way to do things. But it finished out very nicely!
 Off to pack my lunch...back to work!


Jean said...

Jaymie got so many compliments on her dress at the fair, and Kevin was showing off his shirt to all his guy pals.

knuckstermom said...

:-) I'm so glad they like them!