Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Drain! The Drain!

SO there was a wet spot on the floor near the back door. I thought our little house guest Ladybird had a weak moment...but as the spot grew and got wetter, genius that I am, I figured out the air conditioner unit is leaking water onto the floor!
 Ack! I kind of know what the problem is-we had this happen once before. There's this drip tray kind of thing in the bottom of the A/C unit, it has a drain that goes outside and drains away the condensation.
 As you can tell by the towels on the floor, the drain must be clogged. Well instead of calling our favorite A/C repair company , I went to my friends at YouTube. Yup. They had the answer.
 They said to use your shop vac to suction out the crud and clear your drain. I'm game!  So I rigged up the shop vac with the handyman's secret weapon..duct tape. And then went in the house where it's cool to wait for awhile and mop up more water. About 15 minutes later I hear that wonderful sound like a straw in an empty glass-TA-DA the drain is draining!!
 I let it run awhile longer to make sure-then look at this crud! ICK! But so far so good. I kept the shop vac rigged up JIC. I'll check it again tomorrow.
 Now to relax in my chair...WAIT A MINUTE! Ladybird! Well I guess I owe you since I blamed you for the wet floor.

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