Sunday, August 2, 2015

Power Show-of an Antique Kind

So, DD and me traveled over to Marshalltown, Iowa to have a look see at the Mid Iowa Antique Power Show. My Dad took an engine over to show-just one this year.
SO we wandered around the show grounds-they have a huge area with nice parking and shuttles to haul you around too. 

 Dad told me about this engine. He said he saw it sell at an auction in Nebraska, for nearly $20,000. Well here it is the guy who bought it must have a big hobby budget!
Since we came on a Sunday the crowd wasn't very big. There were some guys who had already loaded up and headed home. But the weather was lovely and there was plenty to see!
 Every year the show sponsors have a featured engine or tractor. This year, you might have noticed all the red, it's IH.
 Miles and miles of red tractors this year!!
 More red tractors....
 And the saw mill was fired up, but no sawing was happening. Dad said they ran into some iron in a log they were sawing yesterday, so they might need to have a tooth replaced on the saw blade. It's a big 60" blade and Dad says it is pretty finicky.
They had a big coal fired tractor belted up to the mill.
 And here's some of the wood from yesterday.
 But there was the tractor pull!
 Here's one of the first pulls. They hired a pretty fancy sled for the tractor pull. I'll have to check the website to see if any of these folks were the winners.
 Here's the tractor pulling the sled back to the beginning....
 And the tractor pulling the roller to smooth out the pulling area for the next contestant.
 It's fun to watch the tractor pull, but there was ice cream being froze using gas engines! It was very delicious. I like to see the antique engines doing such yummy work!
 There was also hay baling going on and some threshing too.
 The threshing is always fun to watch-glad it wasn't too hot today, because that's a lot of work!
 They'll bale the straw later I suppose.
 There is so much farm equipment to see....
 and next year, we'll try to come on Saturday. They had live music and a flea market as well as a lot of other farm displays.
Here's a link to the Mid Iowa Antique Power  Web page. I'm marking my calendar for the 1st weekend in August next year!

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