Monday, October 26, 2015

Weekend Minneapolis Roadtrip!

 So we-DD and me- made a weekend visit to my Cousin Robin's in Minneapolis. I just love to visit her. We always have such fun! Where else do you get to eat with a moose? But after lunch on to more important matters.....
 Look, it's like DD nirvana for shopping. Scrubs & Beyond, Lane Bryant, Maurice's & Torrid, all in a row with a cupcake shop in the middle! WOW!
 You can see DD is leading the way to get the scrub shopping out of the way and on to the more fun stuff!
 We also had some awesome pizza from Davanni's-Oh my it was delicious!

 And before we left we did do a little bit of work. Look see that cute pumpkin? We switched decor for fall!
 On the way home I had to snap a picture of this sign on the door at the gas station we stopped at.
That ATM better speed up-the restrooms passed it!

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