Sunday, November 1, 2015

Done, Done, Done

Halloween was a great success! I only had one coatume to make this year-squirtle-it's a Pokemon. And she came out pretty cute I gotta say-cute kid too though, right?
 The back and the front-her Mom said she loved it! Good deal!
Now on to the upcoming church bazaar, supper & auction preparations! I have almost nothing done for any o fit. I have recruited pie bakers, ordered ham, arranged auction donations and gone begging for stuff for the supper Phew! 
And I got this cute baby blanket done-fast and easy pretty much anyways.

 I got the cute Micheal Miller llama fabric when were went to Minneapolis the first time and Mom gave me a chunk of Minkie type fleece that I used for the back. I didn't put any batting inthe middle just cotton and minkie and a regular old quilting meander.
 Then I rounded the corners and serged the edges
 Then turned the edges to the front! TA DA!
 Pretty cute blanket and done in a few hours.

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