Monday, November 2, 2015

Bazaar Busy

SO I like to have some little gifty-ish items for the bazaar each year. Lucky me I have an awesome cousin who let me steal some goodies from her stash!!
 I saw this hand sanitizer gift idea on I had to make my own labels though because I didn't have the right size punch. . Still pretty cute little gifty for a secret Santa or co worker or even teacher.
 Easy, peasy too, I just measured my bottles and scored them and folded them up. The little tags say-We wish you a Merry Christmas and a germ free new Year!
 Then the next little goodie I got from my Sweet Cousin's stash, little manicure kits with lotion.  Handy little things, but I think they need a little fussy box. SO off we go!
 I used my envelope punch board to make boxes just the right size!  Look at the blog of The Crafty Owl HERE. She has this cool tool that figures out the math for you and you just punch and score!
 Clip the corners and trim a little bit and stick the box together!
 Then I had these little paper clips, so I just clipped the tops closed! So cute and you could keep it on your desk at work or whatever! Another great Secret Santa gifty!
 I love that little shaped clip on the top! What a great idea, even if I do say so myself!
Now let's see if they SELL!

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