Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Voting and Crafting

So I voted yesterday-our little town isn't very motivated to fill city offices. We had a write in for the Mayor and a write in for council seats too. I wrote in my Uber Son's fiance. She only needed like 62 votes to win...oh well next year!!

Then I got home and fixed up one more bazaar item. My wonderful cousin also let me steal these cute sewing kits from her stash of stuff. I thought I'd doll them up a little bit.
 There, that's much cuter isn't it!
 These little sewing kits are from the dollar store and are actually pretty nice-there's a tiny pair of scissors, needles and thread and a box with safety pins and buttons i it. And a little tape measure and a thimble too. Not exactly top quality stuff, but it sure would be handy when you needed it!!
The fix it quick kit is ready to go to the church bazaar!

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