Friday, November 6, 2015

Pacifier Bibs-Available at the Church Bazaar!

Last year my Mom made cute bibs that looked like cowboy neck kerchiefs for my church's bazaar and they sold so well I thought maybe I should figure out something cute like that. SO apparently the latest and greatest thing in the baby world are these bibs that have a snap or loop to hold a pacifier. Pretty good idea I thought. SO I looked for a free pattern on line and found nothing helpful. I saw a lot of pictures of bibs that look like a long necktie with a pacifier at the end-kinda ugly. SOOOOO, I found a cute bib pattern at Craftsy
 Then I cut it out just like it is printed except no pocket on the front. Instead I made a tab out of grosgrain ribbon (it's about an inch wide and about 7" long before folding) folded in half and stitched down. I also used some twill tape on one bib.....
 Placed it in the seam allowance and stitched it all around leaving a space for turning inside out.
 Then I pressed it well-pushed all the curves out nicely and pressed the opening so it's almost invisible.
 Then here's my favorite trick-I top stitched it all around, but see how I moved my needle position over to the right so more of the foot is on the fabric and I can get close to the edge without falling over! I used my walking foot since this bib is curved and I thought it might try to wander around a bit.
 See! All pressed
 And top stitched with the opening closed up.
 Now i added snaps. I have some of these plastic snaps and the tool to put them on works so slick! So I got the parts i need all figured out.
 Then attached one snap on the ribbon tab. And I put another snap on the neck tab.
 I made it hang over a little bit so there's room for the pacifier handle.
 There-see I cut a paper pacifier out and put it in the tab!
 All done 4 baby bibs ready for the Bazaar.
Oxford United Methodist Church
All Church Supper, Bazaar & Auction Fundraiser
Saturday Nov. 7
Bake Sale & Bazaar start at 4
Supper served 4:00-6:30
Auction starts 6:45

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