Monday, November 9, 2015


SO I just am going to recap the Saturday event for my church-It went very well! My wooden sandwich boards served very well-never got blown over!
 I picked up the hams from the Amana Meatshop-mmmmmmm. DD was the cook and did an awesome job! Pineapple juice& brown sugar glazed ham, baked potato, green beans-no rolls this year-whatdya want for $10!?
 DD and her friend BJ ran the kitchen and kept everyone on task. Of course she had to organize the silverware first. We served on the old church china-I bet that stuff hasn't seen the light of day for 20 years! People commented on how nice it was to have china instead of paper plates. We served salads in the coffee cups-no messy plates here!
 The auction went very well It was such fun!
 And you can see we had a pretty good crowd!
 This quilt sold for $170
 And this one didn't sell-but maybe someone will buy it this week that saw it and thought about it!
There! Done, no more church fundraiser talk here now!

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