Thursday, November 19, 2015

Bernie & Me

I have a new sewing pal. Bernie. She's pretty cool-thanks Mom!
Bernie embroiders.....

 I have a lot to learn about Bernie.
 I already know that embroidery takes a lot of thread.
 But Bernie sure does work slick!

 Well, this was a surprise. I didn't realize that Bernie was going to cover up those cute little lines.....
But it does look nice!
Bernie also has a ton of feet!
 I am excited to try these little guys out. They both are for applying binding. I googled first to see what folks did to use these little wonders.
 Seems like for thicker (like quilts)  folks are recommending this foot.
 Obviously, there's a learning curve here......
 And those corners kind of make me wonder....
 But it sur is nice to sew both sides at once!!
 So now to try out the other foot. I thought I was out of luck because it needs an adapter..but the plastic foot had one! YAY! Thanks Mom!
 The ol' switcheroo, and away we go!
 Google folks say that this foot is only good for light weight fabrics, so here's a scrap of flannel to test things out on.....You really gotta keep the fabric in against the edge along with the bias tape...kind of a juggling act!
 It looks pretty good....
 but there is a learning curve with it.
SO another test with some of the weird vinyl-ish fabric. Not bad!

 Here's my finished table runner-look close--well not too close-but I mirror imaged the leaves! Cool, right?! Bernie did a great job!
I used the plastic binder foot to apply the binding-it was not bad! There must be an easier way to end the whole thing though. Google to the rescue! Bernie will do the work!

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